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Yesterday I mentioned needing Anderson Power Pole adapters for cigarette lighter plugs and jacks. Several readers promptly wrote to tell me about two companies that already make them: Quicksilver Radio and Powerwerx. (The latter has a huge variety of DC power products.)

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Here is a small company in Huntersville, North Carolina that was started by a retired Navy man who is now a Christian missionary, to help with his retirement: ThriftyPrepperMall.com

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While doing some research for my now nearly complete “Rawles on Tools” book (for Penguin Books, scheduled for release in May in 2013), I ran across a hardened steel wire draw plate that is much more versatile than my old 32-hole plate. This one has 80 holes. If you aren’t familiar with these, they are used for resizing wire. Jewelers use these a lot, but they are also surprisingly useful in a home workshop. These are also made with square, triangular, and half-round holes–which is mainly of interest to jewelers, but useful also for some hobbyists, like model train builders.

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Mike H. sent news of seven recent bear attacks in Michigan, Alaska, Colorado, Wyoming and Idaho. (Be careful out there! And carry pepper spray, lead spray, or both)

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This company’s custom hidden doors are “spendy”, but their web site provides some great ideas for skilled home carpenters.

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