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Yet another data point, for selecting a retreat locale: How Many Illegal Immigrants Live in Your State?

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Reader Craig J. sent this: Popular gun range target blamed for forest fires, called potential bomb source. The “forest fires” claim is a red herring. Chainsaws and off-road motorcycles start dozens of fires on USFS and BLM land each year, yet nobody has suggested banning them. Our congresscritters tend toward free floating anxiety followed by spastic fits of legislation. So all that I can say is: stock up on Tannerite! (If there is an explosive target ban, then there will likely be a grandfather clause.)

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Circuit Court: ‘Unsettled’ if 2nd Amendment Applies Outside of Home. Note that this precedential decision comes from the “Third Circus” court. Here is the decision. A Constitutional Right is is not subject to he vagaries of “Only on Tuesdays”, or “Only Inside Your Home.” Hopefully the supremes will eventually overturn this travesty.

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Joey D. sent us this tale of California’s Political Correctness, run amok: Assembly approves bill on gender identity in schools.

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F.J. mentioned: FlameStower: Compact ThermoElectric Charging for Happy Campers

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