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As a bonus for SurvivalBlog readers, Ready Made Resources is offering a free box of infrared chemical light sticks (10 pieces), and a free mechanical surface trip flare for chemical light sticks (a $53 value) with the purchase of a AN/PVS-14 3rd gen+  autogated ITT pinnacle night vision scope/monocular. As usual, the original data sheet, carry case, head mount, and sacrificial lens are included. Ready Made Resources also includes a free weapons mount (a $99 value) and free shuttered eyepiece (a $40 value), which most dealers only sell as accessories. These scopes are priced at $2,695, with free insured shipping.  This is their best PVS-14 offer ever. These scopes are in stock, so shipping is within 24 hours and they carry a five year warranty.

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Another Carrington-scale solar flare warning, from an unexpected quarter: Lloyd’s of London.

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Reader Bob G. sent: So He told us what was coming and THIS is our strategy…really?

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Kevin A. suggested a web page on How To Grow Stevia (a sugar substitute)

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B.B. mentioned a short film that is loosely based on David Crawford’s novel “Lights Out”, titled Devil at the Door. In my opinion, the L1A1 deserves a “Best Supporting Rifle” award. And somebody needs to give the townsmen the oft-repeated “Concealment is not cover” lecture.

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