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One of my long-time friends mentioned that he has recently been experimentally hiking with a LED Mini Maglite carried in a Nite Ize headband, and equipped with a relatively waterproof TacStar brand pressure tape switch that he can clench between his teeth.  For regular trail hiking, the light’s head can be cranked down for “continuous on” operation when the standard tail cap is installed. But when operating tactically with the tape switch tail cap installed, the light can be activated just “on demand” by clamping his teeth down on the tape switch.  He has even experimented with a wire stiffeners, positioning the tape switch and the mouthpiece of his Camelbak hydration pack on either side of his chin. That way he can selectively bite down on one or the other, by just slightly tilting his head. Clever. He jokingly calls this “the combat pacifier effect.”  This is a clever way around the dilemma of how to activate a flashlight on demand and hands-free, regardless of what weapon is in his hands. Obviously this technique will require some practice. And of course the periods of time that the light is on should be minimal, to avoid making yourself a target.

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G.G. flagged this: Even Powering Down A Cell Phone Can’t Keep The NSA From Tracking Its Location.

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Seed for Security has announced another bonus offer: With the purchase of their Super Survival Pack you will receive a free packet of Soldier Beans (approximately 150 seeds), and a free 1 pint pouch of Winter Rye Grain approximately 13,280 seeds). Their Super Survival Pack includes 5,500 open-pollinated, Non GMO vegetable seeds, plus a pint each of Hulless Oats and Winter Rye. There is a total of 18 varieties of vegetable seeds. The shipping weight for this Pack is 4 pounds. This is their most popular product and comes with a four-page Seed Saving Guide. This offer is for a limited time and will be automatically included with your order.

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Another link from G.G.: Maine man recovering in Canadian hospital after being mauled by polar bear as electric fence fails to ward off violent attacker. In this particular case, Joe Biden was right: “Get a shotgun.” They were very lucky to have frightened off the bear with just a flare gun.

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If I lived in Iowa, I’d jump on this pedal grinder. (Available for local pickup only.)

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