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For anyone who might feel in a Guy Fawkes sort of mood on any day other than November 5th, here is some useful data: State Codes Related To Wearing Masks

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News from Nanny State Norge: Man’s Home Raided by Police for Paying Cash

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Joe K. sent this: Is Your PIC MetaData Giving You Away?

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Pierre M. suggested five web pages on the topic of camouflage:

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Congress and the Justice Dept’s Dangerous Attempts to Define “Journalist” Threaten to Exclude Bloggers. JWR’s Comment: Considering that many blogs have readerships of 100,000 or more, while many magazines and newspapers only have 50,000 subscribers, it is ludicrous to deem the former “legitimate”, whilst excluding the latter. In a free and modern society, the very concept of “press credentials” is anachronistic and smacks of elitism, favoritism, and cronyism. For our public servants to only grant a few the “privilege” to access to attend public meetings, to observe public court trials, and to sit in the gallery of legislative chambers is haughty and supercilious. And we’ve already seen the peril of declaring it a privilege to take photos on public streets. To allow some to do so, but not others implies that the public at large is somehow de classe and that we are mere contemptuous rabble. (OBTW, as I’ve mentioned before, the level of contempt by police officers has risen to the point that there have been some cases when credentials don’t help, even if you are from a television news station.)

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It’s all about revenue: Cop Fired for Speaking Out Against Ticket and Arrest Quotas

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