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An interesting novel has just been released that includes some outdoor survival and tactics tidbits: Marine One Down! (It is available in paperback and quite inexpensively for Kindle and Nook readers.)

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The folks at KnifeUp have created an updated reference web page on state knife possession and carry laws for the US. This data was researched in 2013, so it is current. But of course it is wise to check your state’s legal web page. Their web site also has some useful product reviews.

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In the midst of America’s acute ammo shortage, the UK’s press is moaning that their Ministry of Defence (MOD) has too much Radway Green 5.56mm ammo. The Daily Mail journalist who wrote this piece sounds convinced that this ammo will spoil like last week’s bananas. (But in fact, it should still properly ventilate bad guys quite satisfactorily in the year 2050 or even 2100.) My solution: Just declare it surplus and send it on over!

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Never bring a toy gun to a gun fight.

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Jay in Missouri recommended some commentary by Libertarian science fiction novelist (and shooting instructor) Larry Correia: On Profiling and Stand Your Ground

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