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File under: Predictable Posturing: Obama: Honor Trayvon Martin by battling gun violence. JWR’s Comment: Statists like BHO of course want “gun control.” But I assert that gun control was used. Consider that Zimmerman fired just one shot, center of mass, and pulled the trigger only after the situation was truly and clearly life-threatening. (Zimmerman was pinned to the ground and his head was being repeatedly slammed on the sidewalk, and he feared that he was going to pass out.) Waiting until then showed tremendous control. That was certainly a lot more gun control than some police display. I’m sure that there will also be calls to overturn or weaken Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law. But it is clear that the law worked. Too bad that it took a lengthy and very expensive trial to prove the point.

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Over at Seasoned Citizen Prepper: Imagine for a Moment the Reality of an EMP Event

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Here is a web site similar to The American Rifleman magazine’s long-running The Armed Citizen column, featuring the news stories that the liberal media does not put on Page One about the proper use of firearms in self-defense, but with greater detail: Rationality Rebooted. Their mapping correlation of these events is a nice touch. Note how relatively few of these news articles are generated in The American Redoubt. More guns equals less crime. (Thanks to A.C. in Pennsylvania for the link.)

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Matt C. mentioned a company that recycles military surplus, benefiting veterans.

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Not to make light of a tragedy, but to emphasize the need for journalistic fact-checking: Epic KTVU Fail: Anchor Reports Pilot Names Including ‘Sum Ting Wong’ and ‘Wi Tu Lo’. (In this instance, they actually checked with the NTSB, but a summer intern with the agency erroneously confirmed the names.) The airline is now considering a lawsuit.

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