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One often overlooked traditional tool is a bark spud. You probably already own lots of axes and perhaps a shingle froe and a draw knife. But few folks recognize the importance of a bark spud for peeling logs. (In fact, these days most people wouldn’t even be able to name this tool, if they were handed one.) These are expensive to buy new, so look for used ones, via Craigslist. Or watch for garage sales or estate sales where “logging tools” are mentioned.

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Frank and Fern (pseudonyms) recently started blogging about their retreat and their preps. It is worth a look.

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F.G. suggested this fascinating piece: Underground Gun-Making Industry in the Philippines

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My #1 Son has added a lot of amazing new property listings at our SurvivalRealty.com spin-off site. Check them out!

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Scared of the Sun – the Global Pandemic of Vitamin D Deficiency

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Heads on posts: The latest news from Brazil adds new meaning to the phrase “Ardent soccer fans.”

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