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SurvivalBlog’s Editor at Large Michael Z. Williamson sent this from over at KK Cool Tools: Amish Hackers. Mike’s comment: “A very interesting article. By the way, my wife has always said if she were colonizing a planet, she’d take a contingent of Amish.”

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Senator Rand Paul has introduced S. 744, a bill that would prohibit a National ID card or biometric ID. Please contact your senators, and ask them to co-sponsor it.

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Michael Bane had some great commentary on ammunition “hoarding”: Michael’s Rant de Jour…

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Reader Stan T. saw the recent piece about automated license plate readers and thought it apropos to pass along a link to J.J. Luna’s privacy web site. There, Luna describes how to set up (or purchase an existing shell) New Mexico LLC and register your vehicle(s) to the LLC. If you set it up correctly, any official who pulls up the registration will not be able to determine who owns the LLC.

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The Montrose Prepper sent a link to this television news segment: OPSEC risk of retired photocopier hard drives.

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Some good advice from an attorney Harvey Silvergate on FBI 302 reports: Protect Yourself from FBI Manipulation.

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