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I just learned that RepackBox.com has expanded their line to include pistol ammunition boxes. These are made with the same high quality as their rifle ammo boxes, and are ideal for both handloaders and for folks who buy their ammo in bulk, but who want to store it in standard cardboard boxes. (20 rounds for rifle cartridges, and 50 rounds for pistol cartridges.) And BTW, they will also soon be selling brand new, un-issued .50 caliber full mil-spec steel ammo cans. Be sure to check out their web site. As I’ve mentioned before, they sell more than boxes. Their other products include: muzzle and suppressor caps, 25 rd. SCAR -17 magazines, waterproof storage boxes for #10 cans (with waterproof bags, to match), and “sure feed” Remington 700 Short Action magazine springs.

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Law enforcement demands smartphone ‘kill switch’. Did anyone stop to think how powerful a weapon that this would be if Stasi-Lite ever wanted to quickly stifle dissent? The next best thing to “rounding up the usual suspects” is the ability to immediately deactivate the cell phones of anyone on “the list”, during a crisis. Next thing, is they’ll want to have the power to selectively disable car ignition systems, at will. Oh wait, that’s already been invented. Oh, and speaking of cell phones: AT&T to Load iPhones With Emergency Alerts From Obama – That You Can’t Switch Off

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The Real Reason the Illinois Attorney General Asked for 30 More Days on Gun Laws

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Spotted on Craigslist in Tucson, Arizona: An Affordable Diesel CUCV.

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Commentary from Claire Wolfe: The worst thing about the NSA revelations… And on a similar note, this surprisingly comes from a New York Times forum: The Real War on Reality. (Thanks to D.W. for the latter link.) And for the official word: Janet Napolitano Denies Existence of ‘Orwellian State’. JWR’s Comment: Thanks, Big Sis, we’ll take that under advisement. So I must ask: “Quis custodiet ebrius custodes?” (“Who watches the watchers?”)

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