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Geoff S. sent this article on large-scale greenhouse farming: Farm flourishes on Alaska tundra. (Of course to be able to afford all of those greenhouses, it helps to live where strawberries sell for $6 to $9 per pound.)

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I noticed that Ready Made Resources has added some very effective smoke grenades to their product line. Don’t confuse these with the small, commonly-available pyrotechnic toys. In contrast, these ones really crank out voluminous smoke!

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This was interesting: Know Where to Run to: The Five Best Countries With No Extradition

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JRH Enterprises is having a Father’s Day Weekend sale on  ITT PVS-14 Third Generation Pinnacle Autogated Night Vision units, new with 5 year warranty.  They are including  all the accessories AND a shuttered eye guard and weapons mount free, all for $2.695.  (99% of PVS-14 orders from JRH ship within one business day.) JRH also has a very few of the DBAL-I2 infrared lasers available right now also with no lead time.

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Liberal Talk Show Host Freaks Out On Air Screaming ‘Barack Obama is a Liar’

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A bomb up his bum? This doesn’t bode well for future TSA security screening policies at airports…

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