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GoldAndSilverOnline.com (one of our generous writing contest sponsors) has announced a special just for SurvivalBlog readers: Use discount code: survivalblog at checkout, and get free shipping on your entire order when purchasing two or more $10 face value rolls in pre-’65 quarters or four or more $5 face value rolls in pre-’65 in dimes.  This special offer is good only until June 30, 2013, and just one free shipment per customer.

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Bugging Out? There’s an app for that. The beta version of a free Bug Out Bag Checklist app is now available on the app stores: Apple iOS and Android Google Play. Alternatively the app can also be found by searching the title of the app, “Bug Out Bag Checklist”, on your smart phone.

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Ol’ Remus has posted some great commentary on resistance warfare.

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Reader F.G. sent: Supreme Court: Police can routinely take DNA from people they arrest

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Mike Williamson mentioned an interesting DHS ammo buy: Small quantities of unusual calibers–.45 Long Colt, .357 Magnum, and 7.62×39. [JWR’s Comment: Perhaps they are a stocking some sort of TEOTWAWKI bunker.]

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An Inconvenient Truth Terminology: You might have noticed that “Global Warming” activists are quietly morphing into “Climate Change” activists. This is particularly convenient, since the last few months were the coldest spring on record in many places and in the U.K. they’ve had the coldest spring since 1891. Some are predicting that this summer could be the coldest since 1816 in Europe. (1816 is remembered as “the year without a summer.”) Perhaps in another 10 or 20 years, the Al Goristas will claim that their dire predictions of higher temperatures and rising sea levels were “misunderstood” by the media, and what they really meant to say was that lower temperatures and lower sea levels are expected, because mankind has broken Planet Earth’s thermostat–so that “climate change” can now push temperatures one way or the other. I’m no climate expert, so I’ll defer to meteorologist Joe Bastardi on this issue. Keep your snow shovels handy, folks.

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