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Reader “AmEx” sent: Department of Homeland Security Forced to Release List of Keywords Used to Monitor Social Networking Sites. In other gov-tech news: E-mails of top Obama appointees remain a mystery

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The big semi-annual sales on Mountain House long term storage foods at Ready Made Resources and Safecastle are continuing for just a few more days. It is is important to note that Mountain House plans to significantly raise their wholesale prices on July 1st, 2013, so it would be wise to order during this sale. Get your orders in before June 8th!

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Reader W.J. suggested this very thorough instructional piece: Weapons Caching for Martial Law.

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Steve G. recommended this piece over at Black Five: Warning Shot? Their conclusion: Both warning shots and talking to the police without first consulting your attorney are bad ideas.

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Arrogant defiance and denial of the Separation of Powers, beyond belief: Kerry Says US Will Sign UN Arms Treaty, Ignores Congressional Opposition. What part of “advice and consent” doesn’t he and BHO understand? This announced treaty signing has led me to update an old saying: You can tell a despot by his spots.

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Seed for Security has announced another special offer. With the purchase of their Super Survival Pack you will receive a free packet of Flint Indian Corn (approx. 300 seeds), and a free 3/4-pint pouch of White Proso Millet (approx. 32,000 seeds.) The Super Survival Pack includes 5,500 open-pollinated, non-GMO vegetable seeds (18 varieties) plus a pint each of Hulless Oats and Winter Rye. The shipping weight for this pack is four pounds. This is their most popular product and comes with a four-page Seed Saving Guide. This offer is for a limited time.

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