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SurvivalBlog’s G.G. flagged this sign of the times: Detroit Citizens Protect Themselves After Police Force Decimated.

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Steam Engines As Alternative Energy: Marjory Wildcraft Interviews Mike Brown

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Mark that beast those sheeple! Google: Motorola’s tattoos could replace passwords

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George S. sent this news item: The Indian Motorcycle Company is back. (In case you are wondering, the motorcycles are made in Iowa, using engines that are made in Wisconsin.)

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Your “Turn In Gun” can now have a new life in an Iowa Police sting operation. [JWR’s Comment: Note that by allowing less than a certified 100% melt of the guns, they leave the door open for widespread theft, which is already rampant in police evidence rooms. Any guesses where some of the really nice high-grade guns will end up? The only thing worse than high-minded Kumbaya statists are their henchmen with a penchant for larceny.] (Thanks to F.G. for the link.)

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