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For just a week, Ready Made Resources and Safecastle are running semi-annual sales on Mountain House long term storage foods, with the maximum allowable discounts of 25% to 40%. And BTW, the folks at Ready Made Resources mentioned that they are willing to “mix and match” items, as long as you order in six-can increments. So, for example, you can order two cans of Lasagna an Meat Sauce, two cans of Pasta Primavera, and two cans of Chicken Alfredo, to complete a six-can case. And the folks at Safecastle mentioned that they have an incentive package for the sale that include Safecastle Royal club-member rebate gift certificates.

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News from Connecticut: Bill makes crime against homeless a hate crime. A felony? So what are we now expected to do when someone squats on our property? If we shout “get off my land!”, does that make us felonious hate criminals? The Nanny Statists clearly have both an agenda and a bias, and they don’t mind trampling on our rights, in the process of creating special privileges to further entrench their voting bloc.

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Treason doth prosper: On June 3, President Barack Obama will sign the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty (ATT).

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I recommend the new book: To Keep or Not to Keep: Why Christians Should Not Give Up Their Guns, by Timothy Baldwin and Chuck Baldwin. It is well-researched, well-reasoned, Biblically-sound, and fully documented. (There are 381 footnotes.) It is available in paperback, or as an e-book. I should mention that John Jacob Schmidt of Radio Free Redoubt just interviewed Chuck Baldwin about the new book, in his weekly podcast.

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The popular Urban Escape and Evasion classes from onPoint Tactical are scheduled in Chicago, Los Angeles, Portland, Salt Lake City, Philadelphia, Dallas, Denver, and Phoenix between June and December of 2013.

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