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West Coast Police State Logic: California Senate approves seven gun control bills. They just keep coming: Background checks on ammo buyers, a ban on any semi-auto that can accept a detachable magazine, and an outright ban on 11+ round magazines? These yo-yos are channeling Josef Stalin. Oh, and meanwhile, here is some East Coast Police State Logic: New Jersey: Court Upholds Man Arrested For Visible Gun Case In Car. “Plain view” doctrine is well-established, but what if possession of the item in plain view is considered a right in one state, but a crime in another? So now, in Neu Jersey, simply exercising a long standing federal constitutional right is a crime. (Thanks to Jeff H. for the link.) JWR’s Comment: I urge residents of California, New Jersey, and America’s other blossoming police states to relocate to free states, now, before you are ensnared by their growing web of totalitarian laws, before you are dragged down by their confiscatory taxes, and before your children are indoctrinated in their statist-collectivist schools. Flee!

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Michael Z. Williamson (SurvivalBlog’s Editor at Large) liked this piece: Put the Thing in the Thing, Pull on the Thing: Simplifying the Unnecessarily Complicated

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If you want to track down the physical location of the originating server for a web site or an e-mail, Buddy Hinton of Sturmgewehr.com (commonly called Buddy’s Boards) recommends this tool: Info Sniper.

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Reader F.G. sent us news of a common sense decision, in Alabama: Franklin County To Provide Their Own School Security Force (arming teachers.)

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W.D. sent: Chinese hackers ‘compromise’ US weapons systems designs

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