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Reader J.W.B. sent this article: Two Letters Addressed To Mayor Bloomberg Found To Contain Ricin. JWR’s Comment: When politicians strenuously attempt to ban guns, a few disgruntled folks will try to ban politicians. When they do, they won’t necessarily use only guns to do so. Human bodies are fragile and there are many ways of bringing about their demise, such as: bombs, poisons, light aircraft, UAVs, VBIEDs, incendiaries, neurotoxins, hallucinogens and dissociatives, chemical weapons, radioisotopes, small arms, electrocution, drowning, archery, oxygen-displacing inert gasses (and other forms of asphyxia and atelectasis), rockets, blunt instruments, various medical procedure “accidents”, cellular-level dehydration agents, ship scuttling, aircraft sabotage, flammables, intentional introduction of diseases and parasites, binaries, architecturally-embedded klystron tubes and other microwave emitters, navigation system overrides and other malicious computer code or virii, transdermal carriers such as DMSO, liquid metal embrittlement chemicals, HVAC system sabotage, poisonous snake/insect/fish/shellfish venom, vertigo-inducing drugs, and good old-fashioned defenestration. And then there are the innumerable and unpredictable combinations thereof, and with the New Century’s technology, nearly all of the aforementioned can be electronically time-delayed or remotely-controlled. So be advised that any devious attempts at depriving The People of their God-given rights could bring on the wrath of God. Of course folks like me because of our Christian restraint vent our outrage only via the ballot box and the soap box. (In my case, I’m presently standing on a 21st Century Electronic Soap Box.) But politicians should beware there are other people with far less restraint and with access to other boxes. Many of them got their training at taxpayer expense whilst on multiple deployments to nasty corners of the planet, as instruments of contemporary foreign policy. And some of these people are quite literate. They might have read Erasmus of Rotterdam, who echoed a Greek myth in Hesiod’s Theogony, about an intricately carved box…

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Double whammy? D.P. sent: A ‘concerning’ development: New China bird flu resistant to Tamiflu. And meanwhile we read: New virus called ‘threat to the entire world’. Far greater detail on the Novel Corona Virus (NCoV) can be founds here.

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Sue in Idaho sent: 10 States with the most natural disasters.

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Y2K: Much Ado About Nothing?

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Reader Charley S. sent: Task Forces Offer Hoarders a Way to Dig Out. Charley asks: “How many steps is it from ‘Hoarders are crazy and must be helped’ to ‘Preppers are a public-safety hazard and must be stopped’?”

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Obama’s “Fast and Furious” Gun-running Scandal Grow

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