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KI4U.com has announced their new NukAlert-ER “Extended Range” radiation detector that uniquely provides continuous coverage from background 1µR/hr through to dangerous 600R/hr!  It’s a sensitive Geiger counter, high range survey meter and personal alarming dosimeter, all in one unit. This new detector appears to leapfrog the competition, with dose and rate meters alarms that you can set yourself. It is also Blue Tooth enabled and can be USB cable-networked.

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Attaching yet another Lilliputian line, to bind us: “The immigration bill, sponsored by four Republicans and four Democrats, would immediately require the government to scan visas and passports for those leaving the nation.”

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Reader Wade J. sent us a link to one man’s approach: The Survivor Truck Bug Out Vehicle. [JWR’s Comment: I can see the need to have commonly available parts, but I wish there was an American-made four wheel drive truck with a better suspension and high ground clearance–more like a Unimog–to use as a starting point. The multi-fuel variant of the M35 “Deuce and a Half” with a shop van would be my choice–despite the scarcity of some parts in civilian wrecking yards.]

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H.P. sent: Inside the Military’s Secret Terror-Tagging Tech. H.P. asks: “How hard would it be to tag items likely to be purchased by preppers, Patriots, or militia? Books? Backpacks? Gun cases? How would we know?” JWR’s Comment: It might be prudent for groups to invest in an infinity RF detector. Also, beware of GPS tracker devices, which are getting smaller every year.

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C.D.V. sent a link to a map of declared disasters from 1964-2007. You will surely notice the inverse correlation with the American Redoubt region. Coastal regions have great scenery and generally mild climates. But they also have an non-proportionate number of disasters. (“A great place to visit, but…”)

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I just heard that Infidel Body Armor is now certified at NIJ Level III and it just barely missed being certified at Level IV. (They are slightly modifying the design so that it will pass the Level IV rating).

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