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K.T. suggested: I Built This AK-47. It’s Legal and Totally Untraceable. And speaking of do-it-yourself guns: F.G. sent these items: NSW Police issues warning on 3D printed guns and CNC killed the gun control star.

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Historic vote: Boy Scouts to allow gay youths to join. Sadly, the Boy Scouts are history. I recommend withdrawing your sons from the organization, and instead joining a morally straight group.

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J. McC. sent this: Terceira: China’s interest in strategic Lajes Air Field unfolding – Azores. J. McC.’s comment: “This is not your Grandpa’s Geostrategic Template, Boy.”

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I noticed that Camping Survival just revamped their web site. BTW they have extended the coupon code “survivalblog” for 5% off with every order.

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Video: Pro-Second Amendment speaker at New Jersey hearing hits home run! And speaking of eastern gun politics, some consider themselves slightly “more equal” than others: Retired N.Y. LEOs seek exemption from SAFE act.

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Several readers sent: Swedes Take to the Streets to Defend Their Neighborhoods. Note that the polisen are busy arresting “vigilantes” instead of the rioters. Typiska nonsens!

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