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Two evidences of the consequences of shifting to round-the-clock AR-15 production: Brand New AR-15 Bolt Disintegrates, Owner Not Happy and, by way of a link from Tam’s blog, we read: Supply sorta meeting demand…

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R.B.S. sent a link to a fantastic un-narrated documentary video: The Phillips Brothers Mill: a steam powered wooden box factory. His comments: “One of the better videos I’ve seen. I think you will enjoy it. Lots of ways to get hurt, burned, or dismembered here! Not OSHA approved.” BTW, not shown is their rough-cut sawmill, also on the property.

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Frequent content contributor Jim W. recommended: Fifteen “Must-Have” Downloads

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Also from Jim, this from Project Gutenberg: Deadfalls and Snares, skinning, trapping, etc.

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Just for fun: Space Oddity

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