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Mike Williamson (our Editor at Large) sent a link to some analysis of the 3D Printed Gun controversy, by Joe Huffman: Faceless bureaucrats, not blue helmeted elk. And as for the files themselves? They can’t stop the signal. For every web site that the DHS takes down, I’m confident that five or more will pop up, to take its place. Clearly, the djinn has left the bottle, and there is no putting him back. For anyone who would like to support their upcoming legal battle, the Bitcoin address for DEFCAD is: 1Gb5GNxrVGMT8e9uoJ8CmamrdVz9o8fAEa

A side note: Do they teach toothpaste tube refilling at DHS School?

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RBS sent a link to an article with a more detailed follow-up to a previous mention: Backyard fallout shelter inspires historical exhibit in Neenah.

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Camping Survival’s one week Mountain House Sale is in progress. They are offering Mountain House nitrogen-packed cans at 25% off and pouches and long term storage HDPE buckets at 15% off. The sale ends on May 15th, so order soon!

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Pernicious invader: Long Island Town Bans Bamboo, Threatens $350 Fine, Possible Jail Time

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John Stossel on the Free State Project: Moving to New Hampshire for Liberty

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G.A. from The FALFiles sent me a link to a small company with great prices on military surplus bandoleers, stripper clips, and steel links for belt-feds: New River Salvage. (Their site probably won’t win any web design awards, but somehow that assures me that they are a low overhead company.)

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