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Michael Z. Williamson (SurvivalBlog’s Editor at Large) found a link to a great video, profiling an old school, multigenerational machine shop: Central Texas Tool Co.

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A long-standing joke is that a lot of dead people cast votes in the eastern seaboard states. Not to be outdone, deceased anti-gun mayors sign petitions from the grave, again and again. In more recent news: Another one of the Bloomberg Crime Fighters goes to the Big House, for corruption: Hamilton, New Jersey Mayor John Bencivengo. And another, Former Brownsville Mayor Pat Ahumada, has just been charged with operating an illegal gambling establishment. And here are some MAIG member “Working The System” updates: Mayor Ray Nagin: Indicted, trial date delayed to October; Mayor Noramie Jasmin is seeking funds for her legal defense (Gee, why not use some of that bribe money?); Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick: still begging to be released before sentencing. (He swears he doesn’t own a white Ford Bronco); Mayor Tony Mack: Indicted on corruption charges, trial date delayed; Mayor Richard P. Corkery: Still awaiting trial on child pornography charges after two years; Mayor Adam Bradley: Wife-beating conviction overturned and will get a new trial; Mayor Eddie Perez: Still free on bond three years after getting a three year sentence, and now his lawyers are asking for a new trial, since they claim that showing the jury all of the evidence was damaging to his reputation; Mayor Craig Lowe has entered a not guilty plea after his drunken car wreck, despite some damning police dashcam footage and a failed breathalyzer test; Mayor Gary Becker has been released after serving three years on child pornography and child enticement charges but will still have five years of GPS monitoring and “community supervision”; Mayor James “Jay” Schiliro of Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania (a suburb of Philadelphia): awaits trial on reckless endangerment, unlawful restraint, official oppression, false imprisonment at gunpoint, providing alcohol to a minor, et cetera. (His homosexual advances were not considered legal in Pennsylvania since the young man was over 18.) Despite the fact that he is being held in jail, he is still seeking re-election (how’s that for chutzpah!); Mayor April Capone Almon has been re-elected after making a show of donating a kidney; Mayor Samuel Rivera: Presumably released after serving 16 months in Federal prison and then 21 months in a halfway house; Mayor Sheila Dixon: May be returning to politics. (It seems that the disgrace of stealing charity money from the poor is just trifling and transitory, in some circles.)

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Jeff H. suggested a piece by David Hathaway over at Lew’s site: Ham Radio Freedom

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Forbes: This Is The World’s First Entirely 3D-Printed Gun (Photos)

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Bill D. sent this from his local newspaper: Preppers: Ready, Come What May, In The Shenandoah Valley. (Yet another example of bad OPSEC. If a journalist wants to interview you, then he should respect your privacy and be willing to identify you by a pseudonym. But this only happens if you insist on it!)

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R.B.S. sent: Internet tax bill targets all digital downloads

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