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Some folks on the web had misreported this last week, without checking facts: LDS home storage centers tweaking cannery policy. (Thanks to Brad M. for the newspaper link.)

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M.V.R. recommended: Guide to Veterinary Drugs for Human Consumption, Post-SHTF.

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Cuban Economic Collapse Survivor Gives Advice On How To Keep Up Your Family’s Spirits

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Mark R. sent a link to a U.S. military Strategic Sustainability Performance Plan. ” The plan defines the department’s vision of sustainability and connects the dots between the DOD’s sustainability and energy security goals and potential operational vulnerabilities — in other words, its susceptibility to utility disruptions caused by natural disasters, attacks, grid outages, or the likelihood of energy supply reductions due to disruption in the oil supply line from foreign countries.”

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Gun salesman of the decade, or of the century?: 46,455 Background Checks For Gun Purchases Each Day Under Obama

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