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A very detailed new infographic about the prospects for ethnic divisiveness in America, created by a Christian anti-racist: America’s Controlled Demolition.

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A reminder: PRNMED is conducting a three day medical class May 17-19 at the Ohio State University Campus in Caldwell, Ohio. This class will be unique since they will be doing some new scenario-based training. They will also include some new information about “tactical medicine,” and will be using some skill stations to allow for more individual instruction in key areas. Please contact Dave Turner at dturner@prnmed.com, or telephone: (610) 633-2276. Visit www.PRNMED.com for details.

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I heard about a new 100% domestic AK maker that will be well-positioned when the inevitable Federal ban on imported parts sets is announced: Resistance Arms. They are starting out via crowd funding. Once the import bans are announced, the few all-domestic AK makers will build huge backlogs, Panic now, and avoid the rush.

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B.B. recommended: What Should States Do When the Federal Government Usurps Power? Advice From James Madison, Father Of The US Constitution

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Todd Savage of Survival Retreat Consulting wrote to mention that he is looking for a circumspect real estate broker to work with who is located in eastern Washington. By the way, anyone considering a move to The American Redoubt should contact Todd. He knows the region very well and can help you find your optimal retreat.

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File Under Global Warming: Arkansas locations experience record snowfall, low temperatures for May.

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