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Ready Made Resources is in the middle of a 25% off sale on Mountain House canned long term storage foods. The sale ends on May 6th, so order soon.

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S. 336, the Internet Sales Tax bill, can still be stopped. So can the Illegal Immigrant Amnesty Bill. Please contact your U.S. Senators.

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Diana suggested this by former congressman Dr. Ron Paul: Liberty Was Also Attacked in Boston.

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Reader Mark A. mentioned that Widener’s has D&H mil-spec AR-15 magazines back in stock for as little as $14 each. Oh, and speaking of AR magazines: Magpul begins making ammunition magazines outside Colorado. (Thanks to F.G. for the latter link.)

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Despite its abundant lame-iosity that makes it just marginally watchable, the television series Revolution has been renewed for a second season. I hope that eventually a much more realistic post-collapse television show will be produced. (Jericho came closer, but it was still short of the mark.)

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