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Stopping the Common Core curriculum freight train

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A clever new product with a seven year shelf life: New Ovaeasy Pop and Cook Eggs at CampingSurvival.com. You can order them here.

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Today Marcus Hook Pennsylvania Mayor James “Jay” Schiliro is scheduled to get his first day in court. He is one of many hypocritical members of Mayors Against Illegal Guns who is in serious trouble with the law. In his case it was providing alcohol to someone under 21, attempted homosexual seduction, and unlawful imprisonment, at gunpoint. Mayor Bloomberg certainly has collected a motley assortment of criminals and pervs for his “crime fighting” anti-gun political pressure group. It is time for a counterbalance: Citizens Against Illegal Mayors.

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Michael M. sent: Marijuana Laws New Tool to Ban Gun Ownership

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Two more bits of evidence that California is truly a lost cause: Boy suspended for having pocket knife on camping trip and California lawmakers weigh first statewide ban on lead ammo

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