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I fail to see how the capture of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was a great victory for law enforcement. That fact is that he was captured outside of their much-vaunted perimeter, and he wasn’t ferreted out by The Donut Eaters. Rather, some blood stains were found on a shrink-wrapped boat by its owner, and he summoned the police. These was a failure of law enforcement of epic proportions. Furthermore, kicking in doors on several streets in Watertown, Massachusetts without benefit of search warrants didn’t exactly make make friends and influence people. It was more like a dress rehearsal for martial law. Next came a parade of self-congratulation for the Boys in Black that was vaguely sickening. And to add insult to our collective injury, we are told that a witness who could have been in on the plot is about to be conveniently deported.

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Tim J. sent: Swimming car collectors enjoy unique rides. OBTW, the Mt. Dora/Tavares region in Florida is one of the locales in my upcoming novel titled Expatriates. It should be released by E.P. Dutton in October, 2013. It is now available for pre-order, but please wait until the Book Bomb Day to order your copies. That way you’ll get it at the lowest possible price. Thanks!

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I’ve had several readers forward me this: North Korean EMP Attack ‘Unstoppable.’ No, not any time in the near future! To produce high field strength EMP that could blanket the US would require a high yield FUSION (hydrogen) bomb–not a fission bomb detonated in space. To date, North Korea has thusfar developed only fission bombs.  They are probably 10+ years away from full hydrogen bomb technology, and perhaps as long as 20 years away from having compact hydrogen bombs. (That is, one that would fit in a long range missile payload.) Their latest-generation bombs are estimated to weigh around 2,000 pounds–and that is after a slight fusion boost, to reduce their weight. So, lacking high yield hydrogen bombs and a way to put them up in space, they would be limited to localized EMP–perhaps an 80 mile radius.

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And How Many Bullets Do You Need?

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A great first-hand account, from Mexico: Real Life Perspective: How To Survive When Danger Is Right Outside Of Your Front Door

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How did your senator vote? Manchin-Toomey Amendment No.715 to S.649 Roll Call Vote

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