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Jason H. sent: First Amendment lesson sparks outrage at Florida school. Jason’s comment: “Reason number 6,264,468 to homeschool your kids…”

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Nan’s newest how-to video is called Starting Heirloom Vegetable and Herb Plants at Home is available from Seed for Security.

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Senator Mike Lee of Utah reads a letter sent in from a family that took shifts standing armed guard with their neighbors – all banding together to protect the homes on their street during the L.A. riots. They watched the city burn, and saw no police officers…..for five days. Jump forward to the 2:03 point of this amazing 5:24 video.

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CNBC previews upcoming special – ‘America’s Gun: The Rise of the AR-15′. With this coming from CNBC we can very likely expect an anti-gun bias. One a related note, Reader F.G. sent a link to a remarkably unbiased segment from CNN: How a fourth-generation gunsmith survives. (I’m not sure how kind they would have been reporting on a Saiga shotgun gunsmith versus a Parker shotgun gunsmith.)

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Civil war battle lines being drawn as Magpul, Colt, Beretta and other gun manufacturers relocate to pro-Constitution states

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