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PRNMED is conducting a three day medical class May 17-19 at the Ohio State University Campus in Caldwell, Ohio. This class will be unique since they will be doing some new scenario-based training. They will also include some new information on tactical medicine, and will be using some skill stations to allow for more individual instruction in key areas. Please contact Dave Turner at dturner@prnmed.com, or telephone: (610) 633-2276. Visit www.PRNMED.com for details.

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Reid’s Gun Control Bill Makes a Missing Firearm a Ticket to Five Years in Prison. This is of great concern to anyone who owns a second home (i.e. retreat or vacation) or anyone who caches guns in remote locales. And for that matter, I have several friends who keep loaded guns stashed in several parts of their house, in case of a home invasion. Are they to be expected to do a semi-weekly inventory? This is absurd legislation. Contact your senators!

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Boston Explosions: Cellphones’ Service Shut Down In City, Official Says

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Frequent content contributor F.G. sent: Crooks targeting Police Car’s Trunk-Stored Guns and Ammo

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Dean at The D.C. Clothesline: Hey DHS Are You Willing to Die for Your King? I Am Willing to Die for Mine .Speaking of D.C., debate on the Senate gun control bill–which includes a ban on intrastate private party sales of used guns–is set to begin on Tuesday, April 16, 2013. Please contact your Senators and strongly urge them to both load up this bill with poison pill amendments and filibuster it!

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