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Californians would have to show ID when buying ammunition under a proposed new law. “Sponsored by Berkeley Democrat Nancy Skinner, AB 48 also requires dealers selling ammunition to be licensed in the state, for federal and local officials to be notified when an individual purchases more than 3,000 bullets [sic] over a five-day period and prohibits the sale of kits that help convert conventional firearms into semi-automatic weapons.” JWR’s Comment: Oh no! That brilliant Mrs. Skinner must have caught wind of the enormous boatload of Pedersen Devices and 3D-printed Shoulder Things That Go Up that is about to be surreptitiously imported from Cuba by the Anonymous Cabal, working in cooperation with Hanoi Xan and The World Crime League, all paid for with untraceable Bitcoins! Mrs. Skinner must be a Pre-Crime pre-cog psychic. Our puny minds and lame schemes are no match for her brilliant intellect, her masterful knowledge of firearms design, and her keen, pre-emptive legislative maneuvering. We should just concede defeat.

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The Great Northern Prepper has expanded his free downloads. He now offers 573 free books and pamphlets in PDF. Please note that bandwidth doesn’t come free, so if you download a large number of these, then please do the right thing and send him a few bucks, via PayPal, to: rmorgan@greatnorthernprepper.com

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The Spring Survival Medicine classes with Dr. Cynthia Koelker (SurvivalBlog’s Medical Editor) are scheduled for April 19-21 and May 24-26, 2013 in Akron, Ohio.

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Karen L. sent this: Treachery in the Maryland House of Delegates. Karen’s comments: “There was an amendment to a gun control bill that would have punished criminals that use guns instead of the owners from whom the guns were stolen.  It passed … until the criminals we call legislators decided to re-do the vote after some bullying of the members that voted the “wrong way”.  The second time the vote failed.

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Enola Gay’s latest piece in her excellent Paratus Familia blog is a great: The New Renaissance.

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Peter S. recommended two free e-books: Shelters, Shacks, and Shanties and Fences, Gates, and Bridges.

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