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Odds ‘n Sods:

Sangerville, Maine: Bunker-style home built by survivalists the perfect fit for sustainable duo [1]

JWR’s Comment: Folks in the Food Sustainability movement have a lot to learn from Survivalists, and vice versa!

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The IRS Scandal, Day 1408: Why Won’t The Media Cover It? [2] – The IRS admitted to singling out and targeting conservative groups in 2013, motivated by political animus, yet the media was, is and continues to be disinterested in the whole process. Given the IRS’s broad ranging powers, this is the perfect vehicle to “control” behaviors.

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Wondering why your friends and neighbors think you are crazy for prepping? Dave hodges gives an excellent short video (8 min) reasoning this out: The Psychological Reason Why Americans Will Not Fight Back Against the Globalists [3] – Link sent in by reader H.L.

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Teacher quits after primary school students threaten to behead her [4]. Where do you suppose these children learn behavior such as this? Are these really the people we want to bring into this country? What we have here is a failure to assimilate. – D.S.

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Two embarrassing failures by the Secret Service:

Laptop holding Trump Tower floor plans, Hillary Clinton email investigation info stolen from Secret Service agent [5]

White House jumper was captured after more than 15 minutes [6] – Links sent in by reader P.M.