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Obama’s Wide Open Throttle

Eight years ago, Barrack Hussein Obama (BHO) and his cronies were swept into office by a naive electorate that fell for their vague promises of “Hope and Change”. But today many of us have lost hope, and we have all suffered from the change. It was as if a locomotive had a change of engineers, and the drunken replacement accelerated the train with a wide open throttle. Obama’s statist-collectivist policies have been instituted at a breakneck pace.

steamtrain [1]

Let’s take a few minutes to ponder Obama’s legacy and just what all of BHO’s “change” has wrought:

But Not All Bad News…

All of the preceding is just a sampling, and it might seem quite depressing and disturbing. However, there has been some good news in the past eight years. One notable failure of the BHO Administration has been their intended disarmament of the civilian populace. Aside for some executive orders that still stand, nearly all of their attempts at “gun control” have been blocked by Congress and the courts. Meanwhile, nondiscretionary concealed carry permits are now available in nearly every state, and permitless (Vermont style) concealed carry laws are expanding to many states. I expect this trend to continue. Having a well-armed citizenry provides a crucial check on the Federal government. In effect, the Second Amendment is the insurance policy for the rest of the Bill of Rights.

A More Sober Engineer?

The upcoming quadrennial presidential election presents both an opportunity and a substantial danger. Please be prayerful that America gets better leadership. We cannot afford to have another four or eight years of leftist lunacy. Pray for God’s mercy on our nation. And always be ready and willing to stand up and fight if full-blown tyranny descends on America. – JWR

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