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“On March 14th Federal Judge Janis L. Sammartino ‘modified’ her TRO to allow the BATFE to conduct the raid pursuant to a warrant at the request of the ATF effectively nullifying her earlier TRO against the ATF in the case of Lycurgan Inc. v. Jones aka Ares Armor v. BATFE. The jack booted NAZIs of the ATF raided Ares Armor.”

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Today, we have two guest articles. The first, from our resident medical editor, deals with a subject that worries many of us&emdash; “Stretching your medicines when they are unobtainable”. The second is critically important if you find you are in that dreaded state of “refugee”, but could come in handy in many other situations&emdash; “Surviving Through Winter and Into Spring With Free Wild Food”.

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Update: Concerning the Wyoming welder in yesterday’s Odds ‘n Sods, A SurvivalBlog reader has informed us that he has offered his services to the family. Apparently, the whole trouble stems from the complaint of a neighbor. This follows a disturbing trend I have noticed. The county where I serve as a volunteer firefighter allows burning of weeds on designated “burn” days. In the past few years, I have noticed that most “illegal burn” calls stem from neighbors trying to get others in trouble because they dislike them, rather than actual fire calls. I really believe this “schoolboy” behavior stems from government encouraging us to “tattle” on each other rather than work through our differences.

In any case, The welder may be on the Glenn Beck show (possibly Monday). Let’s stand shoulder to shoulder with this family.

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