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In analyzing the Ukraine, I’m finding interesting facts about an area that I have known little of. To me, it appears that the Ukraine is in a similar position to the U.S. in 1776. Much of the country is pro-Russia and much of it is pro-Independant. While the U.S. government makes much ado (at least with their lips) regarding Putin putting forces on the ground in Ukraine, it appears that there are long-standing agreements in place that allow Russia access to facilities in the Black Sea. P.M. sent in this link showing maps of Ukraine from the New York Times and it’s readily apparent why Russia is so interested in the Crimea Area.

It is also interesting to note that Ukraine’s defense forces are ill-prepared to deal with the amount and types of hardware that is being massed in the area. It is still difficult to tell if the protesters are pro- or anti-Russia in regards to the developments or if they just have issues with their own government’s stance. We will still need to keep a close eye on things as they develop as this event has the ability to magnify to such an extent so as to destabilize the world, both politically and economically. Anybody remember Archduke Franz Ferdinand?

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