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Notes for Monday – October 10, 2016

Today’s lead article by our Senior Product Review Editor, Pat Cascio, is near and dear to my heart.  This is because I and all of the adult members of my immediate family carry either Glock 30 or Glock 30S pistols regularly. I personally recommend the .45 ACP  Glock 30 pistol for all but the most frail shooters.

But please heed this advice: Learn how to maintain it [1],  buy a practical holster for it (I prefer the BladeTech Kydex holsters [2]), buy plenty of spare magazines for it (and half of those should be the larger Glock 21 magazines that hold 13 rounds), buy several magazine pouches [3] for it,  and get the very best training that you can afford, at a top notch school like Gunsite [4]Your life, or the life of your loved ones may depend on it, sooner than you think! – JWR