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  1. And there are still “patriot” cretins running around shouting “Accessories aren’t covered by the 2nd!” or “If you need a bump stock to shoot fast, you shouldn’t own a gun!” Too many of the people supposedly on our side are no better then those on the left. They absolutely refuse to see things objectively, and only care that “their guy” is winning. Trump is basically just a moderate liberal, and does not seem to care much for actual liberty.

  2. Next it will be pistol grips, then aftermarket sights, already they are working on limiting ammo, then recoil pads. They forget that, tyranny can be fought against with swords and spears, it worked in the early days of history and can work again if needed. The free spirit of humans endowed by our creator cannot and will not be stifled. When opposing forces are armed, they simply need be separated, unarmed, then the unarmed have become armed and tables can and will turn. Acting singly will seldom work, but with the support of another or a few others, entire outcomes have been turned.
    I have always believed that the weakest point where the most atrocious violations of our freedoms comes from is the population centers of the country. And they rely for their entire existence on logistics and input from rural areas. Always have been and will remain an advocate of shutting down the entire system by shutting down to logistics and input to the centers. When they PTB declare “it’s that way, tough luck, because we said so”. The correct response should be, “well you’re shut off, tough luck, because we said so”…… Reach into your bare store shelves and bare tabletops and serve that – homer……. Tough scenario to play out, but you get the point. Intimidation is an evil game, but can be played by two. We as freedom loving patriots, need to learn that lesson well……

    1. With other words. you force an alliance of Survival between the PTB and the People who live in cities.
      Ask Pompeius Magnus, Cicero and Cato how well that worked against Caesar.

  3. well this won’t be popular but i am for banning bump stocks, they make a semi-auto rifle too much like an automatic rifle and i think there should be a difference between the two. BUT thats the only infringement i am for….there i said it…. 🙂

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