News From The American Redoubt:


Now this is worth drooling over! – Colt M2012 Bolt Rifle – Cooper Arms of Montana

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H.L. spotted this evidence that attitudes are different west of the Cascades: An Oregon man riding a public bus was arrested and booked into the Multnomah County Jail Tuesday for allegedly mentioning firearms during a conversation. Man Arrested For Talking About Guns

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An interstate highway through the middle of the Redoubt! I-11 & Intermountain West Corridor Study

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Two links from opposite sides of the “wolf” story: How Wolves Change Rivers -and- Idaho Fish and Game pays $30,000 to kill 23 wolves.

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In a continuation of the eminent domain saga, a proposed bill in Idaho will make the state pay the court costs if the homeowner successfully defends their property.

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