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B.B. sent: EPA Changes The Borders Of Wyoming; Governor Appeals Decision. Here is another article about the situation, from the Casper Star Tribune: EPA: Riverton part of the Wind River Indian Reservation

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Not just Mag-Pul… Another Colorado company votes with their feet: Maverick Ammunition Coming To Laramie

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Idaho Cabin survives massive wildfire, then its assessed value goes up – Everyone else’s burned and their value went down…

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An interesting (albeit overly simplistic) infographic: The United States Of Shame – What Is Your State Worst At? It is noteworthy that they deride Idaho for: “Weakest Government Influence.” Well, gee… In my book, that is a genuine attribute! And Wyoming is singled out for “Fatal Car Crashes.” Yes, that is true, but daily work commute distances in The Equality State often exceed 50 miles, so it stands to reason that Wyoming residents are on the road at 75 MPH a lot more than many others. There aren’t many fatal car crashes in bumper-to-bumper traffic.

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Idaho County Passes Resolution Calling On State to Nullify Federal Gun Control

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