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Spokane man falls from rooftop while taunting negotiators

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I just learned from reader Jason P. that a great small family business is up for sale: Jason says: “They make a nearly indestructible pack frame the even works with a USGI ALICE pack. I have nothing but good things to say about their frames and their customer service. They are located in Lewiston, Idaho. I thought one of your readers might be interested in this for a home business.”

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From North Idaho: Some politicians see fit to support our constitutional rights

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Richard Celata (already well-known for his 60% “no FFL” AR rifle receivers from KT Ordnance and his precision fly cutter milling tools) has launched a new business: Celata Aircraft, in Dillon, Montana. His new GP-4 lightweight kit planes offer exceptional fuel-sipping performance. Their recent e-mails advertised:

“Our GP-4 Kit is CNC machined parts for a perfect fit, every time.
Would you like a fast, 240 mph cross country aircraft?
Would you like one that will go 1,200 miles on one tank of fuel?
Would you like one with a 24,000′ ceiling?
From Boston to Dillon Montana in 7 hours (2,058 miles) with one fuel stop (101 gallons @ $606).”

Celata Aircraft can be reached at: (406) 834-3611

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In eastern Oregon: Protesters get mega-loud

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