News From The American Redoubt:


R.B.S. sent: Idaho Romanians face removal for immigration fraud

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Update: Jefferson Republic: Two Approaches

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B.H. mentioned this press release headline: Pork Infused Ammunition Maker Now Accepts Bitcoin for payment. “Jihawg Ammo, famous (infamous) makers of a new pork infused radical anti-Jihadist Ammunition announces they are accepting Bitcoin for payment for their unique pork infused anti-Jihadist ammunition and other products.” They are located in Dalton Gardens, Idaho.

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George Ziermann, a shoemaker from Pendleton, Oregon, has been trying to sell his business (George’s Boots) for the past eight years.

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Montana Plaintiffs Appeal to U.S. Supreme Court Validating the Firearms Freedom Act. Hopefully this will overturn the wicked, overly-broad and statist Wickard v. Filburn decision that had been handed down at the height of World War II xenophobia and amidst adulation of FDR and his Big Government agenda.

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