News From The American Redoubt:


Kyle T. mentioned that he found on Craigslist: “…a complete business for someone to buy in Idaho if they are interested in blacksmithing.  The listing is entitled  “Blacksmith, wheelwright shop complete (Nampa, Idaho)”  Things like this don’t come every day!”

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I recently heard some details from a reader about Obadiah’s Woodstoves, in Troy, Montana. They have great prices, a huge selection, and top notch customer service. They sell nationwide.

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With friends like this, who needs enemies? New Jersey governor coming to North Idaho.

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Although it obviously comes from a strident leftist with an axe to grind, it is interesting to see the delineation of The American Redoubt’s western border so distinctly in the map accompanying this article: Up in Arms. (Thanks to J.M.A. for the link.)

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Some troubling news from Gongaza University, in Eastern Washington: A rock and a hard place: Students fend off intruder with legal gun; face potential expulsion for school violation.

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Atlanta (Idaho) residents worried they could be snowed in this winter. (Atlanta is a tiny town with just 32 residents.)

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