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I heard that Moscow Hide and Fur (in Moscow, Idaho), is still buying raw furs. I started doing business with them back in the early 1990s–back when they only had just a few employees and only three chest freezers to hold incoming furs.

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Arming teachers idea sparks recall effort. Note that this is transpiring in Sandpoint, Idaho, which is a resort town with a high percentage of neolocal statist yuppies from the Left Coast. So we can consider this anomalous for what is otherwise quite conservative north Idaho.

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B.B. sent: Number of Montanans with concealed weapon permits doubles.

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The Charles Carroll Society web page highlighted the upcoming Lewis-Clark Preparedness Fair on November 9, 2013, in Lewiston, Idaho. Admission is free.

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Cops mistake Idaho family going to Bible study for car thieves

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A video shot somewhere between Missoula, and Ovando, Montana: Elk in Rut Chases Motorcycle.

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