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Nine Maps That Show Where Americans Commit Crime. (And, once again, The American Redoubt shines.) Note that the darker shade shown for Oregon is deceiving–that represents the crime that mainly occurs in western Oregon–not in the lightly-populated Redoubt half of the state. A similar situations exits in Washington, although the crime in the Tri-Cities region is anomalously high for the eastern half of the state.

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Bob in Virginia sent this fascinating map link: Half Of The United States Lives In These Counties. Hmmmm… Notice the big hole in the map, with nary any blue? That is the American Redoubt and the adjoining northern Plains buffer states. (The one blue county represents Spokane, Washington, with about 300,000 people, which is almost nothing, compared to the teeming masses of the greater Boston metroplex, Dallas, or greater Los Angeles.) Also note that most of West Texas has similarly copious elbow room.

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I recently bought a rifle case from a company called Impact Case and Container, in Rathdrum, Idaho. They make awesome aluminum guns cases, transport chests, and dog crates. These could best be described as “Beyond Mil Spec.”

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Not just for Montanans: There is a company in Missoula, Montana called Montana Rarities. For many years they have offered a Monthly Silver Purchase Plan. This a is a great way to Dollar Cost Average your precious metals purchases. They even have a PayPal “subscription” payment method. This is particularly advantageous for anyone who generally generates a positive PayPal balance, monthly. (For example, anyone who runs a home-based mailorder business, or any professionals who accept PayPal for their payments.) And, BTW, Dollar cost averaging is a proven winning strategy.

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North Idaho school district mulls training, arming teachers

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Day Hike Goes Bad: Body found at Craters of the Moon misidentified, search continues

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