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I heard about another prepper-friendly church in the American Redoubt: Marble Community Fellowship. They are located at 3383 Hwy 25 N., Northport, Washington, 99157. (Northport is in the remote, sparsely-populated north-east corner of Washington.) They are 100 miles north of Spokane, on the Columbia River and are seeking conservative, patriotic families to relocate. They presently have only an event web site:, but a brochure PDF titled “A Time for Solutions” is available upon request. Contact: Barry Byrd.

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A coin dealer that I can recommend is: American Coin and Vault, in Spokane, Washington. They are located on the corner of Wall St. & Nebraska, just north of Wellesley Street and south of Francis Street. (Full address; 5525 N. Wall St., Spokane, Washington 99205) I started doing business with them back when they operated out of a converted residence, back in the early 1990s.

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Check out Montana Brand Tools. Made in Ronan, Montana.

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I heard from my old friend Terry that Armageddon Armory (2809 Garrity Boulevard in Nampa, Idaho) has heavily restocked following the recent gun and ammo shortages. They sell locally, or can ship guns to your local FFL. They now have in stock: Many models of AR-15s and M4geries including Colt, Armalite, S&W, SIG-Sauer, Windham, Daniel Defense, Ruger, Anderson, Mossberg, Stag Arms, Bushmaster, and DPMS. They also sell AR receivers, bolts, stocks, parts and a huge pile of magazines including Magpul, Surefire, and more. They also have several models of AR-10s made by Armalite, Bushmaster, and DPMS. Other guns on hand include Armalite, LAR and Barrett .50 BMGs, various AKs, PTR91s, Mini-14s, SKSes, M1 Carbines, M1A s, Mauser M48s, several Mosin Nagants, Swiss M1911 straight pull rifles, Cobrays (“MACs”), and huge host of hunting rifles, handguns, riotguns, and .22s of all sorts including Rascal and Cricket youth rifles. One of their specialties is Saiga shotguns in .410, 20 gauge, and 12 gauge, both standard and tactical conversions, plus drums and many parts in stock. Their ammo inventory has also rebounded and presently includes .30-06, .308, 8mm Lebel, .45 ACP, 9mm, .380, 9mm Makarov, .357 SIG, 10mm, .38, .357, .44, . 45LC, and tracer ammo for .223, .308, 7.62x54R. They have lots of .50 BMG ammo in stock (new and remanufactured) including Ball, Armor Piercing, Tracer, and APIT. (Note: they have no .22LR, .17 HMR, .22 Magnum, .30-30, .30 Carbine, .30 Tokarev, or .22-250 in stock at this time.) They also sell Meals Ready to Eat (MREs) by the entree, the single pouch, by the case of 12, or by the dozens of cases. Phone (208) 465-3577, for details.

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Murders are so uncommon in the American Redoubt that nearly every one of them gets detailed news coverage.

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