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My friend Terry H. mentioned that all of the scheduled Boise guns shows have been cancelled, because of an arbitrary new policy mandated by the Ada County Board of Supervisors. They are requiring the local club (Eedahow Long Rifles–that organizes the show) to buy a $5 million liability insurance policy for the shows. That would mean a $40,000 per year insurance premium on a show that generates a net revenue of only $16,000 per year!

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Kay G. sent: Idaho wants to manage federal lands, but funding a question. In related news: Wyoming wants other states to join fight for federal land

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Here is a fairly new AR maker, in Lewiston, Idaho: Seekins Precision. (Their machined billet lowers are excellent.)

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The 3rd Annual Spokane Sustainable Preparedness Expo taking place at the Spokane County Fairgrounds on September. 22, 2013.

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TOPS Knives (in Idaho Falls, Idaho) makes a great Pry-Probe-Punch tool that comes highly recommend. It is is a cross between a punch and a nail-puller. Its back end is a hardened pointed punch that can be used to shatter tempered glass.

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