News From The American Redoubt:


Uh-oh! Some New Yorkers have caught wind of the Redoubt, and might swarm in and Damage Our Calm. See: Your Own Private Idaho. Even worse, there are some nice photos, as the New Yorkers say, “to go with.” Quick! Give all those Easterners a zap from The Flashy Thing. (Well, at least those ones who aren’t conservative, law-abiding, gun owners.)

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Census Bureau: Oregon’s largest counties grow while rural areas empty. (Eastern Oregon still has plenty of elbow room, but with its weak economy, it is best to be self-employed before moving there.)

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“Thy OPSEC doth stinketh”: $250,000 in rare coins stolen in Idaho home invasion. In cases like this, it is usually maids or home health care aides who have the loose lips.

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Reader M.W. recommended a small company called Fish Hunt Fight (FHF) in Belgrade, Montana. M.W. says: “I have some of their gear and it is end-user-design-driven. Paul is a stand-up honest guy and really wants to please his customers. This is a smaller and more adaptable company always coming out with something that the end-user asked for/designed as custom or semi-custom work… and yet the price is somehow still very reasonable. This stuff doesn’t just have randomly placed pockets and pouches. It all fits a purpose, often in the non-tactical end of things such as for hunting, but they still have camo and tactical goodies that are all well-made with US sourced material and all made in USA. Call them to work out a custom rig for your specific needs.”

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Child-molesting kidnappers from California are hereby warned: The backcountry of Idaho is a bad place to try to hide out with your victim. The sheriff departments, their posses, and even the Civil Air Patrol will give finding you their full effort, and you’ll get ventilated. (Federal agents often get the cold shoulder in the American Redoubt, but not in kidnapping cases!)

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