News From The American Redoubt:


I heard about another Reformed church in Spokane, Washington: Reformation Community Church. The Pastor is Jeremy Lyerla. Phone: (509) 496-0920.

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A study shows that the American Redoubt region and much of the Great Plains region now offer the most opportunity for lower class Americans to rise into the middle class. (Thanks to Chris W. for the link.)

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Yes, even in Wyoming: Local Wyoming Gun Control Scheme Targets Children’s Rights. (Note that Platte County’s school superintendent is a recent transplant from Minnesota. Also note that school funding is based on days of attendance. That, it seems, is the real issue, behind the scenes.)

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I heard about an an All-American gear maker in Bozeman, Montana with a captivating name: Mystery Ranch. One of the founders wrote me and mentioned: “We provide two of the three issued packs to SOCOM units. While about 80% of our sales are to military units, we also provide packs to Wild land Firefighters, as well as those involved in professional level outdoor activities- from skiing to mountaineering.”

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At last count, there were 180 gun and ammunition making firms in Idaho, but I suspect that the number is growing.

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B.B. sent: AP Refuses Comment on Gun Permit FOIA Request in Montana. (They may also be seeking permit holder lists in other states.)

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