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There has recently been some discussion in the blogosphere of Castle Doctrine and Stand Your Ground laws. To clarify: All but one of the five American Redoubt states currently have solid Castle Doctrine (right to defend your habitation) laws on the books. These include strong protections of the rights of homeowners and house renters in Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. There is also a modified form of the Castle Doctrine in force in Washington as well as a location nonspecific Stand Your Ground law. But Oregon’s law is presently ambiguous. Their “duty to retreat” law enacted in 1971 was partly overturned by a state supreme court decision in 2007. There is an active movement to improve Oregon’s law, but a recent ballot measure on this failed in 2012. The long term prospects for passage of a Castle Doctrine law in Oregon are good, given the preponderance of states that now have such laws.

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Are you an experienced machinist? Then there is probably a job for you in the Redoubt! In Idaho, labor shortage hurts gun industry. (Thanks to R.B.S. for the link.)

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Some disappointing news: Idaho Cooperates with Homeland Security on National ID

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Montana Anti-Location Spying Bill Becomes Law With Governor Signature. The editor of the Lightning War For Liberty blog noted that this bill was passed in April–several months before Edward Snowden’s NSA revelations.

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The American Redoubt influx continues! Pastor Chuck Baldwin (up in Missoula, Montana) reported in his latest e-newsletter: “Once again, last Sunday, we had visitors with us from at least 7 or 8 states. The Sunday before that, the number was 10-12. And many of these folks are trying to make arrangements to move to the valley to be part of Liberty Fellowship.”

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Reader G.J. suggested a Red State Talk podcast show called The Uncooperative Radio Show with Brian and Susan Bonner, in Montana. G.J. summarized: “Brian Bonner is a paramedic originally from New York who was once pro-union but who is now a Constitutionalist who is interested in self-sufficient living.”

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