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Bill Jasper of The New American reports: Victory (Temporarily) in Round 1 for Property Rights in Kootenai County, Idaho

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Dissent Festers in States That Obama Seems to Have Forgotten. (Note the high correlation with the map of the American Redoubt. Yes, BHO has visited Oregon and Washington, but as I recall only to a few big cities in their populous western halves.)

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J.M. wrote to mention that it is not just Weld County, Colorado that is seeking statehood. “Weld, Morgan, Logan, Sedgwick, Philips, Yuma, Kit Carson Washington are all seeking partition.. A number of county supervisors in other Colorado counties have expressed interest but have not committed to the cause.

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In April, Montana House Bill 304 was vetoed by the state’s new Governor, Steve Bullock, who is a Democrat. This bill would have made concealed carry legal inside of city limits without a permit. Currently, permitless concealed carry is only legal outside of city limits, which I presume is about 98% of Montana’s land area. (Montana is 147,042 square miles but has just 6.86 people per square mile, making Montana the 48th most densely populated state in the Union.) At least open carry is legal statewide, both outside and inside of city limits. A similar bill was passed by the Montana legislature in 2011 but was vetoed by Bullock’s predecessor, Governor Brian Schweitzer, who is also a Democrat. The latest word from the capitol: A veto-proof majority could not be gathered, so the Constitutional Carry quest is essentially dead in Montana until 2015. (Their legislature only convenes in alternating years.) In my opinion Montana’s governor should have followed Wyoming’s lead on this issue.

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On Saturday, July 20th there will be a renewable energy fair in Butte, Montana, at the NCAT building. 

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A new TTabs flying video, shows him in his zippy new yellow trike flying over and around Steptoe Butte, in Eastern Washington: Shades of Green. It ends with a nice triple touch and go. The pilot formerly flew jets off of aircraft carriers, and his flying skills are apparent in all of his videos.

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