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Now it’s Oregon Senate’s turn to vote on gun laws. If the ban on private party gun sales is enacted, it may prove to be “The last straw” and trigger a partition of the conservative counties east of the Cascades.

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Errant gunshot’s shrapnel wounds two men at Idaho gun show.

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Ban Idaho! (Thanks to Ben H. for the link.)

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There are still several pro-gun pieces of legislation pending in Montana, including permitless concealed carry. Montanans should contract their representatives, to encourage the passage of these bills. The Wyoming/Arizona/Alaska/Vermont-style permitless concealed carry will require a veto-proof majority, since the state’s democrat governor vetoed the bill once before.

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Get in on the ammo-making boom: International Munitions & Technologies, Inc. (IMT) in Lewiston, Idaho is looking for both an IT Manager and a Site Leader Manager.

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